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Aluminium is an irreplaceable material for the building and construction industry. This is mainly due to its extraordinary lightness, ductility and resistance, as well as its special ability to allow numerous types of aesthetic finishes, meeting various architectural needs and modern living needs. Aluminium is also recognised as one of the most energy-efficient construction materials. It is not only used in the external shell of buildings (curtain walls, structural walls, etc.) but also in internal structures (doors, ceilings, panels, plaster walls, suspended ceilings, etc.) and in a wide range of building devices and systems (automatic gates/doors, lifts, HVAC systems, outdoor awnings, balconies, fences, etc.)
Pandolfo Alluminio has extensive experience in the production of extruded aluminium components for some of the most important building companies and brands.
Pandolfo Alluminio constantly participates in internationally-renowned skyscraper projects where it successfully transforms the architect’s ideas into reality thanks to its know-how, a highly proven raw material, state-of-the-art machinery and extensive production chain ranging from extrusion, to machining, up to consultancy and technological research.


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