Designed to last

We aim to cement our reputation as one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of semi-finished aluminium extrusions by making our offerings even more competitive and upholding our name for excellence in the quality of both our products and services.

We are busy pursuing this strategic goal with ongoing efforts in the following areas:

  • continuous investment in the pursuit of product quality through the use of certified and ecological raw materials;
  • continuous improvement of our manufacturing processes, which use the latest cutting-edge technologies in line with even the most demanding expectations;
  • unfailing commitment to the training of human resources, who are always attuned to the requirements of our customer base.

To achieve these objectives, we implement a Quality System – as described in our Quality Manual and related documents – that meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard.
The company’s Quality Management System is built on this Manual, which we also use as a guide to continuously improve and perfect the system. All employees, especially if they are responsible for processes and activities identified in the Quality Manual, are required to follow the instructions issued for their respective areas of competenc



We are proud of the certifications we have been awarded because they attest to the quality of our work: our investments in manufacturing processes, our focus on research and development and our ongoing commitment to tackling new challenges.