Research and Development

In continuous movement

Pandolfo Alluminio strongly believes that R&D plays a critical role in the company’s technological, industrial and environmental growth, for this reason it dedicates continuous energies and significant human and financial resources to research and innovation.

This allows the company to make a product capable of achieving the highest technological metallurgical and design standards.
We study and develop technological solutions according to the specific needs of customers at two modern laboratories specialising in the research of materials and finishes.
This continuous innovation also comes from important and ongoing collaborations established with Universities and research institutions. In this regard, Pandolfo Alluminio invites university graduates to write their thesis on its processes.
Pandolfo Alluminio leads research and innovation projects supported by European and national research funds.

Below are some examples of Pandolfo Alluminio’s R&D activities:

  • MAGNheat PROJECT: In collaboration with the University of Padova, as part of the European Life+ programme, Pandolfo Alluminio participated in the design, construction and installation at its factories of a new magnetic induction furnace for pre-heating billets in the extrusion process with low energy consumption.
  • Degree thesis focusing on the influence of certain chemical elements in the extrusion of profiles.
  • Collaboration with the “Fonderie Pandolfo” research laboratory for experimentation and testing of new alloys.