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Pandolfo Alluminio operates out of two large, modern manufacturing facilities, both located in the province of Belluno in Italy’s Northeast and each covering a specific stage of the manufacturing process.

Aluminium extrusion

With its 40,000 sq metres of floor space, the Lentiai facility in the province of Belluno produces the aluminium extrusions. This is a cutting-edge plant with four presses capable of turning out over 30,000 tonnes of aluminium profiles a year.

1750 tonne

Sms Group

2000 tonne

Sms Group

2800 tonne

Sms Group

4000 tonne


Extrusion dies are handled by means of an advanced automated storage and retrieval system with 17,000 storage locations.
The facility has 7 modern automated furnaces for heat treating metal profiles. An advanced automated handling system taking profiles from the press to the packaging department results in shorter transfer times and helps stop surfaces being damaged in the process. The manufacturing process is integrated with the SAP management system, ensuring complete traceability of each stage.

Aluminium anodizing and aluminium powdre coating

Feltre (Belluno) is home to the 22,000sq m facility where all the machining takes place following the extrusion process. This is where aluminium profiles receive their anodic oxide coating and powder coating treatment.
Anodized aluminium is produced with an ultra-modern automated system with an annual throughput of 3 million sq metres. All stages of the operation are managed by dedicated software, which ensures the quality and repeatability of the Qualanod-certified process are up to standard.
To supplement the oxide coating service, the facility also has an automated vertical powder coating system with an annual throughput of 3 million sq metres. The process is Qualicoat certified.


In addition, the Feltre site houses a large dedicated aluminium machiningdepartment fitted out with 60 or so machines of both the CNC (machining centres) and traditional variety.
The Feltre facility is also where any finishing operations the customer may require are carried out, such as assembling components and preparing packaging and relevant documents.
The continually evolving technical and design expertise at Pandolfo Alluminio is the result of an extensive long-term industrial renewal programme backed by significant investments.