Innovation and continuity

A one-stop shop that speaks your language

Pandolfo Alluminio Spa has been present in the aluminium extrusion business for fifty years. We have continuously upgraded and expanded our range of products and services, earning a reputation as a “one-stop supplier”, which sets us apart in the European market.

Back in 1980, we supplemented our original aluminium extrusion works with a second facility specifically set up to handle the surface treatment of aluminium . We subsequently expanded our customer offering further with the introduction of an aluminium machining, department in the early ’90s, fitted out with hi-tech work cells (manned by numerically controlled robots) to handle all the machining work aluminium extrusions typically require.
This effectively aligned our production processes with our customers’ business needs. As a result, we now even handle the finished product’s packing and shipment on behalf of the customer in many cases.
Pandolfo Alluminio is now a well-established business intent on tackling new challenges and pushing its boundaries, driven by new ideas and projects that follow an “innovation through continuity”, approach whereby new visions and projects sit happily alongside a solid family tradition.