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We are a leader Company in the design, production and processing of aluminum extrusions.

50 years at your service

Pandolfo Alluminio Spa has been in the aluminium extrusion business for fifty years. We have continuously upgraded and expanded our range of products and services, earning a reputation as a “one-stop supplier”, which sets us apart in the European market.

Pandolfo Alluminio Spa has been in the aluminium extrusion….

In planning our business and development projects, we have been careful…

Pandolfo Alluminio strongly believes that R&D plays…

We aim to cement our reputation as one of Europe’s leading manufacturers…

Aluminium is no stranger to civil or industrial engineering

Aluminium’s versatility speaks volumes for the qualities of this material, which stands out for its light weight, attractive brightness, corrosion resistance, good mechanical strength and formability.

We are one of the main producers of aluminum extruded semi-finished products in Europe.

Improving the competitiveness of our offer and maintaining our own connotation of excellence in the quality of product and service.


Semi-finished components

Pandolfo Alluminio is an integrated system able to supply customers with extruded components, oxidized or painted profiles, as well as completely machined components.

Packaging and Logistics

Anywhere, quickly and securely. Aluminium extrusions are packed in-house using modern robotic systems.

Technical Advice and support

The possible applications of extruded aluminium components are so far reaching that aluminium's use is limited only by the designer's imagination.

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