Anodized aluminium profiles

Get perfect surfaces with anodizing treatment

With over 30 years of anodic oxide coating experience, we are famous for the quality of our aluminium surface treatments.

With our solid experience in fine-tuning processes and our continuously upgraded systems, we can offer profiles with anodized surfaces that meet even the highest expectations, in addition to an extensive range of decorative effects.

The anodic oxide coating is produced by means of an advanced automated system: all stages of the operation are managed by dedicated software, which ensures treatment quality and repeatability.

In compliance with European standards, the resulting protective oxide coating undergoes thorough quality controls. The Pandolfo Alluminio anodizing plant has been certified to the European QUALANOD standard since 1986.

  • Oxide thickness in the range 5 to 25 microns
  • Max. length of bars 7,200 mm
  • Max. weight of bars 40 kg
  • Main finishes Satin/Brushed/polished

We can carry out a range of treatments in-house: degreasing, deoxidizing, barrel finishing, brushing, mechanical polishing and chemical etching.

The oxide coating can be coloured electrolytically with a choice of colours ranging from natural silver to black.

For further information and a thorough, comprehensive introduction to Pandolfo Alluminio’s aluminium anodizing (anodic oxide coating) service, refer to our “Anodizing” guide.  You can ask your local sales office for a copy of the latest catalogue. You can also download the catalogue direct from the relevant section of this site.

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